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Balayage In Columbus

Your Columbus Balayage Salon

At First & Park Beauty, we are true balayage specialists. Founder, Rayna Girson honed this technique extensively while working with her clientele in New York City. Translated from the French meaning, Balayage means ‘To Sweep’, which refers to the broad strokes used to apply lightener. This effect creates a soft, sun-kissed look in the hair. This technique works on all hair types, colors, and textures.

Balayage is flexible. It can be either bold or subtle, depending on your goal. Hair painting (Balayage) grows out softer than a traditional highlight. Due to a smoother growout, it is common to go longer between appointments.

Hair painting is a favorite of our salon for its versatility and longevity.

balayage faq

The pricing for balayage ranges depending on the amount of hair, product used and your starting and end goal. Baseline pricing can be found on the BOOK NOW page.

Balayage generally lasts 3-5 months. However, hair maintains best with general upkeep (gloss & trim) every 8-12 weeks. We are happy to work within your desired maintenance schedule.

A balayage appointment generally lasts 2-3 hours. It is a unique art and requires attention to detail.

Your color will last longest with the use of a detergent-free shampoo or cleanser. Hair Story New Wash is a great option and does not have harsh detergents or lathering agents.

Balayage FAQ


Balayage Testimonial

Balayage Testimonial

“Rayna is truly an ARTIST!! When I sit down at her chair, I know I am in for an exciting balayage transformation, and I always leave looking and feeling like a new woman! What woman doesn’t deserve that?!

Rayna knows how to make me feel right at home and is excellent at listening to what I want and meeting and always exceeding my expectations of how my hair can look and feel. She cuts my hair so that it lays beautifully without needing to style it, which is great for a low-maintenance gal like me. I can have it up in a bun all day and take it down in the evening, and it looks like I put effort into styling it when I surely didn’t. She colors to compliment my skin tones and enhance my natural beauty. She is an artist with a paintbrush (no kidding), and having my hair touched by Rayna is a massive confidence boost each and every time!

Columbus doesn’t know how lucky it is to have acquired Rayna!! She’s a true talent!”

–Natalie C.
Blonde Balayage Columbus by Rayna Girson at First _ Park Beauty

Balayage at First & Park Beauty

Based on our Google Reviews, below is a general overview of what our clients had to say about balayage in Columbus at First & Park Beauty.

  1. Clients are consistently impressed with the natural-looking, beautifully blended balayage results achieved at the salon.
  2. The stylists at First & Park Beauty are skilled in creating subtle, sun-kissed highlights that enhance clients’ natural hair color.
  3. Customers appreciate the low-maintenance aspect of the balayage techniques used at the salon, as the color grows out seamlessly.
  4. The salon’s balayage services cater to various hair types and colors, from blondes to brunettes, leaving clients with stunning, customized results.
  5. Many reviewers mention that their balayage from First & Park Beauty is the best they’ve ever had, surpassing their experiences at other salons.