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Gray Blending Stylists Columbus, Ohio

Top Rated Gray Hair Stylists in Columbus

From a routine touch-up to gray blending, we are here to support all your hair goals.

We are natural hair enthusiasts and love having fun with color. One of the goals at our salon is to embrace and work with your natural hair.  The root touchup has traditionally been the most sought-after service for gray hair. However, in recent years, clients have been seeking lower maintenance options.

As seen in Hollywood, Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwyneth Paltrow have embraced gray blending highlights. These celebrities are choosing to camouflage their natural hair into a new style.

However, gray blending is a process. It most likely will take multiple appointments to achieve your desired goal. When hair is previously colored, it lives on the cuticle forever and takes time to lift and blend out. It is important to have realistic expectations for gray blending. Our team is experienced and welcomes this journey with our clients! While the process takes time, you will leave with a fresh color closer to your goal after each visit.

Whether you want to stop coloring your hair eventually or reduce the number of salon visits, we can set up a plan together to get you your best hair yet.

GrAy Blending Faq

A form of highlighting that camouflages and blends the gray hair opposed to covering it.

Everyone has different goals when it comes to gray blending. Some people want to fully grow out their gray hair, others want a lower maintenance, more dimensional look.

The beauty of gray blending is that it requires less maintenance. Most root touch up clients are stuck to a 4-5 week schedule. With gray blending, maintenance can be flexible. Most often, clients choose to come in 3-4 times per year.

Gray blending is lower maintenance and provides a more dimensional result. Over time, this is less exposure to chemical hair dye and requires less appointments.

Yes, gray blending can be done for anyone with gray hair.

Owner and Founder Rayna Girson has helped transition numerous clients with varying hair types toward their natural color. During COVID, this became Rayna’s most sought-after service in New York City. Katie Goes Platinum, a gray hair blogger, recommended Rayna as a top gray blending stylist.

Each client has its own unique process. We will work together to determine the best route for your hair. We are happy to customize the best action for you and your hair.

Depending on your desired goal, the gray blending process takes 3-4 appointments over the course of a year for your hair to become natural. Every client is unique and these timeframes can vary.

2-3 hours, depending on the cut, color and amount of hair.

Gray Blending FAQs


Gray Blending Testimonial

“Highly recommend! I had been growing my grey out for about 6 months when I found Rayna. She had great suggestions and blended the rest of my hair seamlessly with my natural grey. She also gave me an amazing styled cut that is low maintenance and looks great with minimal effort. I love the results!”

–Kendra C.
Gray Blending at First & Park Beauty

Gray Blending at First & Park Beauty

Based on our Google Reviews, below is the general sentiment of what our clients had to say about gray blending services in Columbus at First & Park Beauty.

  • Clients praise the salon’s ability to seamlessly blend greys with their natural hair color, creating a subtle and natural-looking transition.
  • The stylists at First & Park Beauty are knowledgeable about the grey blending process and provide expert guidance to help clients achieve their desired look.
  • Customers appreciate the salon’s use of high-quality products and techniques that ensure long-lasting, beautiful results for their grey blending services.
  • Reviewers mention that the grey blending services at First & Park Beauty have helped them feel more confident and empowered in embracing their natural hair color.
  • The salon’s grey blending services are praised for their ability to create a low-maintenance, yet polished and stylish look that suits clients’ individual needs and preferences.