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Haircuts for Women in Columbus

Haircuts for Women by First & Park Beauty

Haircuts by First & Park Beauty

The most underrated, high-impact service is a haircut! The right haircut is effective, transformative, and a budget-friendly service.

At First & Park, the right haircut can uncover your hair’s fullest potential. We believe we have an eye for removing weight to reveal your hair’s natural texture and shape. Haircutting does not need to be bold to be transformative. Even if you want to preserve length, a trim is impactful. We are here to work with you on a regular cut or more of a bold endeavor.

The right haircut can make your beauty routine somewhat effortless. A low-maintenance styling routine or even air-dried hair hair can be a possibility with the right cut.

Haircutting for all hair types

  • Bang trim

  • Curly hair

  • Short hair

  • Long hair

  • Textured bob

  • Sleek bob

  • Long layered hair

  • Internal movement

  • Fine hair

Haircuts for Women by First & Park Beauty


Haircuts at First & Park Beauty

Based on our Google Reviews, below is the general sentiment of what our clients had to say about getting their haircut in Columbus at First & Park Beauty.

  • Clients consistently praise the stylists at First & Park Beauty for their ability to understand their individual needs and preferences, resulting in perfectly tailored haircuts.
  • Customers appreciate the time taken by the salon’s stylists to consult with them before each haircut, discussing their desired style, face shape, and hair texture to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Many reviewers mention that the haircuts they received at First & Park Beauty are the best they’ve ever had, with the stylists’ expertise in cutting techniques shining through in the final result.
  • The salon’s haircuts are praised for their ability to enhance clients’ natural features, bringing out the best in their hair type and texture, whether curly, straight, or somewhere in between.
  • Clients love that the stylists at First & Park Beauty offer personalized advice on how to maintain and style their new haircuts at home, ensuring they look salon-fresh for weeks after their appointment.